Enabling local production by providing emerging brands with nationwide coverage through a network of individual distributors

About Life

Brimore was founded in 2017 by Mohamed Abdulaziz and Ahmed Sheikha and has now more than 700 employees with a spin-off of a logistical company called Milezmore. Since it started operations in 2017, Brimore saw 400x growth in revenue and in the number of sellers and suppliers.

Brimore is Africa’s social commerce platform and parallel distribution channel connecting emerging brands with a network of individual distributors across all 27 governorates of Egypt. With a network of 75,000 distributors and 300+ suppliers, Brimore is providing a go-to market solution for emerging brands by…

Value Proposition

Ensuring market penetration and providing income opportunities to low-income families.

Our Mission

Creating a parallel distribution channel built on individuals who buy and refer emerging brands.

Our Vision

To enable everyone to start, grow and sustain their commerce business.


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